Reconnect RaspberryPi Automatically to Network

By Jimmy Bonney | June 6, 2015

Raspbian is a Linux distribution based on Debian optimized for the Raspberry Pi. It offers a user friendly interface for the tiny hardware but does not come with all the advanced features that you might be used to on a complete Debian or Ubuntu system. One of the limitation that I observed was related to the wifi connection. As soon as the connection is dropped, there is no automatic reconnection. One needs to unplug the adapter or run ifconfig wlan0 up to turn up the connection again.

This limitation is particularly annoying when the Raspberry Pi is configured as a kiosk to display a dashboard (with auto-refresh) from an external website (such as Google Analytics for instance). In this article we’ll identify how we can configure the Raspberry Pi to reconnect automatically to the wireless network and run a refresh on the current opened page when getting back online.


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