About A few information about me and this website

About Me

Hi, I'm Jimmy! I guess this was pretty obvious since this mentioned in the website URL but you never know. In here, I share some of my experience — whether it is about technology, code, the web or basically anything that I may find interesting. I am an avid learner, technology enthusiast and concerned about IT security and data privacy. I enjoy discovering new tools and products and identifying how I can use them in my daily activities.

In addition of this site, you can also find me on:

About This Site

This site began as an experiment to learn something new, namely static site generators (using Ruby). The website is now built with Nanoc, and uses HTML5 Boilerplate and mini.css.

I would like to thank jingoro for having put together nanoc and HTML5-BP.

Icons on this page are taken from Simple Icons. All credits for articles images are available within the articles themselves.