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By Jimmy Bonney | August 5, 2021

Favicon generator from favicon.io

I took some time recently to help out and redesign a website using Middleman. Considering that this was a simple website with only a few pages, it was a good opportunity to use a tool that I never used before. Once the layout was defined and the content was imported, it was time to create a favicon. I do not have much experience with that so I was browsing / googling around to see how to proceed when I stumbled upon favicon.io.

Favicon.io has been developed by John Sorrentino and is really easy to use. It provides a clean interface to either convert an existing image to a favicon or to generate one from your text or emoji. You then just need to download the resulting assets and update the <head> section to include them properly.

It was so easy to use that I decided that it was time to move away from the generic favicon that my own website was using. As you can see now in your browser, there is a simple one in place using my initials.

Favicon JB



Credits Image


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