Managing GitHub Gist with GistBox

By Jimmy Bonney | June 8, 2013


I’ve started to use GitHub Gist to store some of the code snippets that I share on this blog. The application website works well and does its job but it is quite minimalist and does not provide any advanced functions. It is not possible for instance to organize the snippets, nor search them.

Fortunately, a web application (and a Google Chrome application) have been developed to do just that. The service is called GistBox and the web application is available at while the chrome application can be installed from the webstore. It connects to GitHub to store all the gists and provide a nice interface allowing to:

  • search among existing gists,
  • provide labels to organize gists based on language or application they are related to for instance
  • copy function to copy the content of a gist to the clipboard

GistBox Interface

This is a great management tool and it is available at no cost. To create an account and get started, simply login with your GitHub account.

For the time being, comments are managed by Disqus, a third-party library. I will eventually replace it with another solution, but the timeline is unclear. Considering the amount of data being loaded, if you would like to view comments or post a comment, click on the button below. For more information about why you see this button, take a look at the following article.