New Design

By Jimmy Bonney | May 26, 2013

Color bottles

I have just deployed a new version of the website. Gumby framework has been replaced by InK and the overall design has been somewhat simplified – less boxes, less borders, less colors… Design is responsive making it more accessible from mobile devices.

A few other things have been updated at the same time:

  • The front page provides only a summary of the latest article
  • Links to LinkedIn, G+, … have been moved to the footer
  • About page has been reviewed
  • Article layout

New home page

Credits Image

P1030454 by Seemann

For the time being, comments are managed by Disqus, a third-party library. I will eventually replace it with another solution, but the timeline is unclear. Considering the amount of data being loaded, if you would like to view comments or post a comment, click on the button below. For more information about why you see this button, take a look at the following article.