How often do you need to send something from your phone to your computer (or the other way around)? As far as I’m concerned, it used to be pretty seldom - but when I needed to do so, it used to be quite complicated (either by connecting the phone to the computer with a cable, or phone and computer needed to be connected to the same network for instance) and time consuming. The need to transfer data from one device to another has however increased with my current professional assignment and this is where PushBullet comes into the picture.

PushBullet is an application allowing to push data from your phone to your computer. But it doesn’t stop there: it works the other way around as well. And from one computer to another, or to a tablet, etc. If you’ve ever used Chrome to phone in the past, then you can see PushBullet as Chrome-to-phone on steroids.

Installation is pretty straight-forward:

  1. Install the application on your iOS or Android device, and
  2. Install the extension for your web-browser OR the application for your computer


Once this is done, you’ll be able to send notes, links, pictures or files from one device to another (note however that there is a 25MB file limit currently). It’s that easy. The only requirement is obviously to have a data connection, but the devices do not need to be on the same network.

PushBullet offers some additional features, such as the possibility to view your phone notifications on your computer (this can be customized on an app basis) or to directly reply to messages from the computer. You can also subscribe to application channels and get notified when they push news or add friends so that you can push to their devices.

As I mentioned above, there is currently a limit on the size of objects that can be shared through PushBullet. If you need to go over this, then you will need to do that through applications like Dropbox or AirDroid.

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