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Restrict Access with HTAccess

By Jimmy Bonney | January 30, 2008

I am sure that you have already seen some dialog like that:

HTAccess restricted Access

This kind of dialog appears when a folder is protected on an Apache server. It allows some files to be accessible to a limited amount of people with special rights. This kind of protection is done by a little file: .htaccess put in the directory containing the content to protect.


Host Your Own Proxy Server

By Jimmy Bonney | January 28, 2008

I guess that you have already been in a situation where you couldn’t access some websites whether you are at school, work, library, or in some country that practices censure.

There are many proxies (thanks Korben for the info) that you can use to bypass these limitations but they can be slow and / or with a lot of ads and pop-up windows. But if you have your own web hosting, there is an easy way to avoid these drawbacks: install your own proxy1. In order to do so, you simply need:

  • A web hosting that allows you to execute cgi scripts.
  • The CGIProxy script written by James Marshall, available here.